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Question XML to TXT or CSV

Hi all,

I am new to unix and even newer to XML Smilie

I have a dataset which I need to work on and extract data from but I cant even see things. its a XML file which i need to analyse and return the results in xml as well but need to filter some of them like i would do with excel file so not sure what is the right thing to do

Can you please help me?

my data looks like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <archive id="ffghgsddes">
    <file line="1">
      <text>this is an evidence regarding ...</text>
    <file line="2">
      <text>we have seen those documents before </text>

it can look anything really
i dont really need the data to be normalized
i can have them separated by archive or simply having it all in one line

Thank you in advance for your help

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I'll give you what you asked for then, though it doesn't seem very useful to me:

$ sed 's/<[^>]*>//g' xml |  tr -d '\n' ; echo
            953b      18:03      this is an evidence regarding ...              04bfa      18:03      we have seen those documents before          .      .      .   . . .


I think you'll have to be more specific on what you need your output to look like.
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wow thanks for the help

I would like to have it in a file that I can covert it to excel where I can work around the columns

the file would have a line per file line

Archive idLine AuthorTime Text
Ffghgsddes1953b18:03this is an evidence regarding ...
  204bfa18:03we have seen those documents before
Fggsdfjrrrcf1Ggfv522:43Will you consider such an offer?

is there a chance that it can be saved to another file instead of showing on the screen?
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Any noninteractive output that prints to a terminal can be saved to file. Just command > filename after a single command, or ( group; of; commands ) > filename to capture several.

Now that you've posted what you actually want I am working on it.
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Handling arbitrary XML isn't trivial. Hopefully this should be flexible and mold itself to your input data, since it discovers columns as it goes and tries to preserve order. It decides where a 'row' is by looking for two close-tags in a row.

If it doesn't work, try nawk. If it still doesn't work, post some of your actual, unmodified input data.

$ cat xmlg.awk

BEGIN { RS="<";         FS=">"; ORS="\r\n"  }

# Skip weird XML specification lines or blank records
/^\?/ || /^$/   {       next    }

# Handle close tags
/^[/]/  {
        N=D;    while((N>0) && ("/"STACK[N] != $1))     N--;

        if("/"STACK[N] == $1)   D=(N-1);

        if(POP == 2)
                        split(ARG[1], Z, SUBSEP);
                        printf("%s %s", Z[2], Z[3]);
                        for(N=2; N<=ARG_; N++)
                                split(ARG[N], Z, SUBSEP);
                                printf("|%s %s", Z[2], Z[3]);


                printf("%s", DATA[ARG[1]]);
                for(N=2; N<=ARG_; N++)
                        printf("|%s", DATA[ARG[N]]);

# Handle open tags
        gsub(/^[ \r\n\t]*/, "", $2);    # Whitespace isn't data
        gsub(/[ \r\n\t]*$/, "", $2);

        # Reset parameters

        M=split($1, A, " ");

        # Handle parameters
        Q=split(A[2], B, " ");
        for(N=1; N<=Q; N++)
                split(B[N], C, "=");
                gsub(/['"]/,"", C[2]);
#               PARAM[C[1]]=C[2];
#               print C[1], "=", PARAM[C[1]];

                I=D SUBSEP STACK[D] SUBSEP C[1];


                I=D SUBSEP STACK[D] SUBSEP "CDATA";


$ awk -f xmlg.awk file.xml

archive id|file line|author CDATA|time CDATA|text CDATA
ffghgsddes|1|953b|18:03|this is an evidence regarding ...
ffghgsddes|2|04bfa|18:03|we have seen those documents before
jhljkhlasdf|1|953b|18:03|this is an evidence regarding ...
jhljkhlasdf|2|04bfa|18:03|we have seen those documents before

$ awk -f xmlg.awk file.xml > output.txt

ORS="\r\n" should make it more easily importable into excel or what have you.
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I am going you a standing ovation for this masterpiece. Smilie

After wondering around saxon and xslt and sed and millions of other unfamiliar things. It was hard to believe that it would be possible to do.

Thank you very much, this was a massive help to me. And the comments are so clear that a none programmer like me can understand it.

Really appreciate your help


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Hello again ...

one more question ...

I want to filter my document so it will not include x or y or z
i am using GREP -V but havnt find the way to combine it together

can you help me in this as well
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egrep -v "x|y|z" ?

If that's not sufficient, please post a new thread with details about the input you have and output you want.
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