Unix concepts help

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Unix concepts help

I am working in unix perl . i have come across scenarios where there are lots of unix concepts are being used.

For example, Handle, pipes, forking ,data sharing between processes,parallel processing and so on. I need some conceptual explanation about the unix system .

I have prior experience with unix . i have used various unix commands and shell scripting .

I tried to google for books/resources but it comes with C code and there is no conceptual discussion . i just see things related to kernal programming which is not scope.

Can you please suggest some resources/books where there is enough conceptual discussion like what exactly is pipe,handle and relation between the two , streams , how to create pipe and connect to forked process, etc..

i dont know C language...


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You might try searching for:

UNIX "Interprocess Communications" or "UNIX IPCs" for short
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Yeah, most ipc deal with C code where i get stuck.
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If you have specific questions, we can answer them.
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>>If you have specific questions, we can answer them.

I am studying some cpan modules like IO::Pipe,IO::Handle,IO::Select which has unix essence.. I feel the documentation for these modules is not up to my level of my understanding... That is reason i started this thread. Thanks Corona688

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