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Old 05-14-2012
Display problem when running a remote script


Quick question, someone will hopefully be able to stop me from Smilie.

I currently have a script which calls a script on a remote machine and captures the stdout to a file:

ssh <user>@<server> > output 2>/dev/null <<_EOF

This runs the script but the stdout is badly formatted. The output is an sql and the data is not displayed in column. I.E.

AAAAA 0         ABCD   EFGH
BBBBB 0         ABCD   EFGH
CCCCC      0         ABCD   EFGH
DDDDD      0         ABCD   EFGH
EEEEE 0         ABCD   EFGH

If the script is run locally on the machine, however, the display is correct. I.E. (they should all be in line Smilie)

AAAAA 0         ABCD   EFGH
BBBBB  0         ABCD   EFGH
CCCCC 0         ABCD   EFGH
DDDDD 0         ABCD   EFGH
EEEEE  0         ABCD   EFGH

Any ideas?
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Old 05-14-2012
That is usually caused by default tab stops in the terminal setting. Check the TERM variable in the remote session. Check man terminfo (or termcap) to see if your terminal type is supported. If you ssh in to the local host from a PC, check what kind of terminal emulation you are using. Example: if you come in as a vt220 and the remote thinks you are something else, things can get garbled.

Try: Run the job in background on the remote box, Spool to a local file, then scp the file back home. Getting the right terminal setting is easier.
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Old 05-15-2012
Hi Jim,

Thanks for the info. Checked the TERM variable on both servers and they both display as vt100.

Looking at the man page I'm having trouble seeing the wood for the trees. I'll persevere, but not holding my breath.
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Old 05-15-2012
Tty the -n switch on the ssh line .
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Old 05-17-2012
Thanks for the suggestion, but that just returns the banner and not the output frrom the sql.
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