help me find ubuntu basics

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help me find ubuntu basics

hello, im new to the unix/linux
just got the ubuntu installed in a comp
i need some startup material to learn ubuntu and sripting

i have these tutorials for linux but some commands not running in ubuntu...

please help with some content like above for ubuntu
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Follow rute user's guide only. The sysadmin stuff later on deals with lots of commands from different UNIXes. ubuntu is Linux. So it only uses Linux commands.

df works in Linux, it shows the free space on filesystems
bdf does the same in HPUX

So if you try the bdf command on your machine it won't work. Rute user's guide will take some time to work through. But it will all work. You have to start at the first page, you cannot jump ahead 30 pages and expect things to work. Why? Because YOU have to learn how to and why you "enable" commands by making changes to your PATH variable, for example.

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