Comparing two files issue

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Comparing two files issue

Hi all, I need your help fixing an issue with this code. I am a newbie to UNIX programming and there is an issue with this code I am hoping you can help me correct.
I have two files (system_files with 8342 records and rules1.txt file with 762 records). My understanding from the script below, is the script will read the rules1.txt file and if it does find a match on system_files, it will skip the record on the rules1.txt file and not write it to the temp file. So the temp file should only have 7580 records on it. After I run the script, I am getting over 12 million records in the temp file with each file being dupluicated thousands of times.
Any ideas where this scripts is going crazy on me Smilie? Thanks

for z in `cat /test/mkamal/ge_ret/rules1.txt`
grep -v $z /test/mkamal/ge_ret/system_files >> /test/mkamal/ge_ret/temp

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-v will do just opposite of your requirement. It will print all lines not matching $z into temp.
you should loose for loop and try -f option of grep, that would be just one line command
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47shailesh, I am sorry for the confusion, I actually need to print all lines not matching $z. I want all the files in system_files minus the files in rules1.txt file
Originally Posted by 47shailesh
-v will do just opposite of your requirement. It will print all lines not matching $z into temp.
you should loose for loop and try -f option of grep, that would be just one line command

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