Use awk to pipe output from one file into multiple files

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Originally Posted by codestar1
cat ${landing_dir}/${lfile}|awk -F "${file_delimiter}" -v bad=${bad_file} -v good=${rootDir}/landing/Validation_EDITED/new_${lfile} -v fc=${file_field_count} '{if(NF!=fc) {print NR,$0 > bad;} else {{print > good}}}' ${lfile}
Why the | awk...when all of this can be done with an awk 1 liner.
awk -F "${file_delimiter}" -v bad=${bad_file} -v good=${rootDir}/landing/Validation_EDITED/new_${lfile} -v fc=${file_field_count} '{if(NF!=fc) {print NR,$0 > bad;} else {{print > good}}}' ${landing_dir}/${lfile}

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I tried that exact code. The issue is that something is wrong with the use of "${file_delimiter}". when I echo the statement and exit the script, the value comes as an empty string. I'm not sure why. But when I cat the file it comes. The echo statement with the above code shows:

awk -F   -v bad

The varaible is defined as

file_delimiter=`echo $f|cut -d ',' -f6`
        file_delimiter=`echo ${file_delimiter}|sed -e 's/tab/\t/g'`


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