Help with deleting lines and saving them

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Help with deleting lines and saving them

I have a directory question where I ask the user which entry he wants to delete...

echo  "Which entry?"
read entry
sed '/^'$entry'/d' file

This code does in fact delete that particular entry...
HOWEVER, when I go to inquire about that same entry, it still populates like it was never deleted. How can I fix this?

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Use option -i for in-place editing of files.

sed -i '/^'$entry'/d' file

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I'm guessing he wants to check the file for entry before sedin' it.

Something like :
echo  "Which entry?"
read ENTRY
grep -q "^$ENTRY" file && sed "/^$ENTRY/d" file || printf "Entry $ENTRY not found \n"

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It says there is no -q option for the grep command. I am using bash shell if that matters. Is there some kind of if statement I can use for checking the file for the entry??
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-q is for silent (don't print anything)

Use it without, if your grep doesn't have it.

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