Fork: Resource Temporarily Unavailable

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Fork: Resource Temporarily Unavailable

I wrote a script that works most of the time but gave me

fork: resource temporarily unavailable

some of the time. I restarted my computer and now it runs fine but googling "fork: resource temporarily unavailable" and looking on the forums has not actually helped me figure out what exactly I was doing to get that message... and I really want to understand.

Please excuse my ignorance and any explanation is welcome.

FYI: I am using cygwin on a Windows OS (though I do not know if this is important information)
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It is very important. Thank you for posting it.

What's even more important, of course, is the contents of the script itself, and where the error occurs in it...

'resource temporarily unavailable' may mean your system was running low on memory or the like, and unable to create new processes.

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Sorry, I had a feeling that the code was fine and it was something I was doing on my computer (too many other processes running or something like that).

The code makes a reference list in the case I need to use, greps for a line I need, prints that line and copies that line to a file.

Here is the code:

awk ' {$1=toupper($1) ; print $1":"$2,$3}' > newdb.txt pdbsws_chain.txt
for v in `cat good_ones.txt`       
    linewithid=`grep -w $v newdb.txt`          
    echo ${linewithid// /:}
    echo ${linewithid// /:} >> nomut_pdbuniprotfinal.txt

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Hmmm. I take it you're grepping for a list of words there? You can probably do that in one grep instead of 10,000:

grep -f good_ones.txt newdb.txt |
while read LINE
        echo "${linewithid// /:}"
done | tee -a nomut_pdbuniprotfinal.txt

There, it runs the programs all at once, instead of running 10,000 of them individually. Much less odds of Windows deciding to throw up on fork() in the middle.

And actually, if you'll explain what you're actually trying to do there in detail, it can probably be done even faster in one single awk.
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