Running parallel process

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script1 > filea &
script2 > filea &
script3 > filea &
script4 > filed &
cat filea fileb filec filed > bigfile

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Originally Posted by sagar_1986
No need to shout.

I figured log_1, log_2, log_3, etc were scripts since you were obviously running them. Hence, mystified what you were trying to do.
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could be like this:-


sh > 1.log
sh > 2.log
sh > 3.log
sh > 4.log

cat *.log > combine.log

then run sh you could see all output combine in 1 file...



sh > 1.log
sh >> 1.log
sh >> 1.log
sh >> 1.log

then run sh you could see all output combine in 1 file...

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but dear friends its not working

after the all scripts completed its not coming out of that script


Code: & & &

log_1 > new.txt
log_2 >> new.txt
log_3 >> new.txt

its running all the script but its not executing the appending operation of log.

take one example.


while [ $i le 20 ]
echo "$1"
i=`expr $i + 1`



the script is getting held at 5 its not operation after this stage as we have to append the logs of four scripts into one
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If you have GNU Parallel GNU Parallel - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation installed you can do this:
parallel '{} >{.}.out' ::: sample*.sh

seq 4 | parallel "sample{}.sh > {}.out"

You can install GNU Parallel simply by:
    chmod 755 parallel
    cp parallel sem

Watch the intro videos for GNU Parallel to learn more:
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