Grep.Need help with finding the words which start at [A-K] letters in thesecond column of the table

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Grep.Need help with finding the words which start at [A-K] letters in thesecond column of the table

Hi buddies ! I need some help with one grep command Smilie I have this table:

1       Petras          Pavardenis      1980            5
08      Linas           Bajoriunas      1970            10
3       Saulius         Matikaitis      1982            2
5       Mindaugas       Stulgis         1990            7
6       Rimas           Nasickis        1964            10
7       Simas           Saulenis        1966            12
8       Justas          Skukauskas      1995            9
9       Petras          Petronkus       1988            3
10      Zanas           Baltraitis      1990            5
11      Mantas          Kvedys          1974            1
12      Edmundas        Butkus          1970            9
13      Mindaugas       Sinkevicius     1945            11
14      Edgaras         Zvironas        1930            8
15      Vaidas          Gaubas          1985            12
16      Gintaras        Gintaitis       1980            5
17      Raigardas       Tautkus         1975            1
18      Darvydas        Tautkevicius    1925            12
19      Tomas           Cereska         1989            4
20      Saulius         Sidlauskas      1984            6
21      Jonas           Jonaitis        1966            8
22      Jonas           Petraitis       1940            12
23      Jonas           Ringys          1970            1
13      Julius          Jonaitis        1974            11

And i need to find the words which start with capital letters A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K in the column 3 (the first word of this column is "Pavardenis") . Not in all columns but just in the third column (as I said earlier the first word of this column is "Pavardenis"). And i must use only GREP command (I cannot use awk or other commands due to my school restrictions).

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