Awk: Print out overlapping chunks of file - rows 0-20,10-30,20-40 etc.

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Awk: Print out overlapping chunks of file - rows 0-20,10-30,20-40 etc.

First time poster, but the forum has saved my bacon more times than... Lots.

Anyway, I have a text file, and wanted to use Awk (or any other sensible program) to print out overlapping sections, or arbitrary length. To describe by example, for file


I want the out put to be lines 1-20, then lines 10-30, then 20-40 and so on. I can't find a sensible way to make awk "go back on itself" however.

I could do the whole thing with a horrible loop, running the file through awk separately for each one, and changing a variable, but the files I am operating on ate large and there are lots of them, so ideally I would avoid slower methods.

Any help appreciated!
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Hi matfald,
welcome to!

You may try something like this:

awk '{ nr[NR] = $0 }
!(NR % s) && NR >= o {
  for (i = NR - o ? NR - o : 1 ; i <= NR; i++)
    print nr[i]
  }' o=20 s=10 infile

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Looks very much like that works perfectly. Thanks very much!

I was surprised to see you can tell awk stuff outside the " ' "s but I guess you learn something new every day!
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see the GNU awk manual.

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