delete rows with a criteria

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Thanks a lot to everyone!
I am also interested in getting a similar output but now only output the lines where the number of zeros in each row (starting from column 3) is equal or less than 5% of the total numbers per line (also starting only at column 3).

Thanks in advance

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Prelude(1)							   User Commands							Prelude(1)

preludedb-admin - tool to copy, move, delete, save or restore a prelude database SYNOPSIS
preludedb-admin copy|move|delete|load|save arguments DESCRIPTION
preludedb-admin can be used to copy, move, delete, save or restore a prelude database, partly or in whole, while preserving IDMEF data con- sistency. Mandatory arguments copy Make a copy of a Prelude database to another database. delete Delete content of a Prelude database. load Load a Prelude database from a file. move Move content of a Prelude database to another database. save Save a Prelude database to a file. Running a command without providing arguments will display a detailed help. EXAMPLES
Obtaining help on a specific command: # preludedb-admin save Usage : save <alert|heartbeat> <database> <filename> [options] Example: preludedb-admin save alert "type=mysql name=dbname user=prelude" outputfile Save messages from <database> into [filename]. If no filename argument is provided, data will be written to standard output. Database arguments: type : Type of database (mysql/pgsql). name : Name of the database. user : User to access the database. pass : Password to access the database. Valid options: --offset <offset> : Skip processing until 'offset' events. --count <count> : Process at most count events. --query-logging [filename] : Log SQL query to the specified file. --criteria <criteria> : Only process events matching criteria. --events-per-transaction : Maximum number of event to process per transaction (default 1000). Preludedb-admin can be useful to delete events from a prelude database : preludedb-admin delete alert --criteria <criteria> "type=<mysql> name=<dbname> user=<prelude-user> pass=<pass>" where criteria is an IDMEF criteria : preludedb-admin delete alert --criteria "alert.classification.text == 'UDP packet dropped'" "type=mysql name=prelude user=prelude-user pass=prelude-pass" This will delete all event with the classification text "UDP packet dropped" from the database. SEE ALSO
The Prelude Handbook: Prelude homepage: Creating filter using IDMEF Criteria: Prelude IDMEF Path: BUGS
To report a bug, please visit AUTHOR
This manpage was Written by Pierre Chifflier. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2006 PreludeIDS Technologies. This is free software. You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License <>. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. preludedb-admin June 2007 Prelude(1)

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