Oracle process running as user daemon

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Oracle process running as user daemon


When process listing, I came across a process running as user daemon.

daemon 23576 23574  0 07:32:04 ?         0:07 oracle (DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=YES)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=beq)))
    root 27526 27444  1 07:38:43 ttyp5     0:00 grep 23574

why a process runs as user daemon, when it should be running as user oracle. Other processes seem to run as user oracle but sometimes I can see ps listing with daemon. Is this a misconfiguration? I can see other processes running as user oracle with ps listing. Thanks in advance.


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What platform and oracle version?
When this happens again, please check the parent process (PPID 23574 in your example above).
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Hi radoulov,

HP-UX 11.31 and Oracle 10g, I was not able to see find in ps listing running as daemon again. Is this something Oracle does as normal process creation step?

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I don't seem to find this documented.
There's an old post on Usenet that seems very similar and that
makes me think that this behavior could be platform or OS

You may open an SR with Oracle Support.

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