Read a flat file, evaluate and create output. UNIX SCRIPT.

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Lightbulb Read a flat file, evaluate and create output. UNIX SCRIPT.

Hi all,

I have a flat file as below;


I like to create a Unix script.

The script have to valuate the last two columns, if the values are different the whole line must me added in a new flatfile as an output.

According to the data sample and description the output file must have one line;


Could you please provide me some help in the reading loop and validation?

Thank you all.

Mr. Reds.Smilie
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nawk '{a[$0]++} END {for(i in a) if (a[i]==1) print i}' myFile

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Hi mrreds,

One way using perl:
$ cat infile
$ perl -lne '@f = split /\|+/; printf qq[%s\n], $_ if $f[ $#f - 1 ] != $f[ $#f ]' infile >outfile
$ cat outfile

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I'm using;


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Both of the above solutions will work in KSH.

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