Is unix os or platform?

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Is unix os or platform?

hellow everyone,
iam a new user to linux and i have question about unix os. unix is operating system or platform iam confused. i have read some article about unix but i haven't found the answer what iam searching for. so iam confused in this topic can anyone made it clear. Any types of ideas and suggestions are welcome.
thank you in advance.
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Unix is an Operating System standard.
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Further to Jlliagre
A Platform refers to the Hardware and processor microcode upon which the Linux or unix Operating System runs.
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Originally Posted by jlliagre
Unix is an Operating System standard.
UNIX is an operating system specification, POSIX is an operating system standard.
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Indeed, and the single Unix specification is encompassing the POSIX standards.
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thank you everyone for your quick reply,
but iam still confused is unix os or platform or its interrelated. it is good if you give me in single answer.
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UNIX isn't a physical product, or even an operating system. You don't buy an operating system named UNIX, the same way you don't buy electrical sockets from the IEEE. The IEEE defines what shape electrical sockets are supposed to have, and certifies products which have obeyed this standard.

So, UNIX is a design plan for an operating system. How it actually works can vary, but it's supposed to supply the same minimum things(basic system calls, etc) on any system which calls itself UNIX. There's a lot of systems which call themselves UNIX -- Solaris, BSD, AIX, HP-UX, and more. There's also systems like Linux, which resemble UNIX in a lot of ways but weren't made to fit the standard perfectly.

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