multiple if conditions and EOF in a shell script

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multiple if conditions and EOF in a shell script

I want to create an IF condition with multiple condition, in the statement below I want to add OR EOF, can any one please advise how to do.
if [ ${array[5]} !=  $sample ] && [ $c -eq 1 ]; then

echo .....


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if [[ "${array[5]}" !=  "$sample"  &&  $c -eq 1 ]]; then
  # do stuff here

use [[ and ]]

always put quotes around string variables or empty variables can generate errors that stop the script.

EOF: this is sort of the standard way to read file in straight shell and write the output to a file

while [[  read variable_name   &&   $farkle="something"  ]]
  # stuff goes here
  echo "something you want to see in the output file"

done < /path/to/inputfile   >  /path/to/outputfile

you can also exit a loop early with the break keyword

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