current day remote files from FTP

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Could you show what it does list when you do ls?

If it doesn't give you a complete listing, you can try ls -l, but remember, ftp is not a shell. You don't get the real ls command. This simple listing might be all you get.
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current day remote files from sftp

I logged in manually using sftp and I am able to view the file with ls -l

sftp>ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x    1 <userid>   <user id>            4743 Apr 11 11:01 test_file.txt

Can you someone please let me know how do I get the entire file listing from remote server to the local server.


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ftp >outputfile <<EOF
        cd $ftp_dir
        ls -l

The ending EOF must be at the beginning of the line. Don't even indent it. You can indent the rest as you please.

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current day remote files from ftp

I ran the following SFTP commands manually (on AIX server )

sftp -p $sftp_user@ftp_host
cd $ftp_dir
ls -l test_file.txt
-rwxr-xr-x 1 <user> <usr> 4746 Apr 11 12:13 test_file.txt

Can someone please tell me how to I get the complete file listing to local server from remote server

-rwxr-xr-x 1 <user> <usr> 4746 Apr 11 12:13 test_file.txt

how do I get this complete listing,


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sftp != ftp

Which do you need to use?
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Please do type the ftp dir command requested in post #2. It is not always the same as ls in ftp (but it might be the same) .

Can someone please tell me how to I get the complete file listing to local server from remote server
To answer your main question:
Within ftp there is a special syntax for the dir command to output the directory listing to a local file. This is useful to us.

These are ftp commands not Shell commands.

Make sure that your current local directory is suitable to receive the directory listing:
lcd suitable_dir

Then list the files in the directory and output to a file on the local server:
dir * mydirectory.lst

Once we have the directory listing we can find today's files. But, because date formats vary across the planet we need to see the date format.

Corona688 makes a valid point. Are you running ftp or sftp ?

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current day remot files from FTP

I am using sftp since I can't perform ls -l using ftp.

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