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Tools ftp error trapping

I have written a UNIX script that will automatically ftp a file to a server. The problem is when I missed enter information w/in the .txt file that contains the userid/password and what file to transfer, I had no way of capturing the failuer of the file transfer. I verified w/in the script that the file that I wanted to transfer existing, however, because if the error w/in the .txt file the transfer didn't occur. I did see where 0bytes transferred. I want to capture the error and then check for a successful file transfer. How can I script for that? Will ftperr or errno help? If so, how do I use them.
Thanks for your help. Smilie
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you can put the ftp process in a function and then call that function with proper redirection of output ... (sample code below will run in ksh) ... you
ftp -inv << SEND
open remotehost
user username password
cd dir
get file

run_ftp > /dir/logfile 2> /dir/errfile


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