alias with variables

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Question alias with variables

Hi All,

I'm trying to make an alias with a variable inside.

# files1 #
# files2 #
# files3 #
# wenk1 #
# wenk2 #
# wenk3 #

alias count='while [ 1 ]
ls -ltra | grep {print $1} | wc -l
echo =============
sleep 5


count files

#Output should be:


#But, it always comes with an error.

grep: 0652-033 Cannot open -c}.

--Can you help me out?
--Sorry i'm a newbie Smilie

Thanks in advance. Smilie Smilie

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Mod Comment Welcome to the UNIX and Linux Forums. Glad you used code tags. Please use them for samples too..

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This shouldn't work:
grep {print $1}

Please explain what you're trying to achieve.
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Thanks for replying franklin,

I was trying to use the alias like an script.

like when I put:

count wenk

is displays the count of files:


I also tried to use:

grep -c {print $1}

And it also doesn't work.
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You need to use a function, not an alias:
count() {

grep {print $1}

You seem to be conflating grep and awk. Like Franklin says: this will never work.
Please explain what you're trying to achieve and what do you mean with a "list" ?

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