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Sudo to delegate permission from non-root user to another non-root user

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Old 04-06-2012
Sudo to delegate permission from non-root user to another non-root user

I've been through many threads before i decide to create a separate thread.
I can't really find the solution to my (simple) problem.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve:
As "canar" user I want to run a command, let's say "/opt/ocaml/bin/ocaml" as "duck" user.

The only to achieve this is to give "canar" user root permission in sudoers, see below:

Host_Alias LAB = linuxbox
User_Alias LABTRUSTED = canar
Cmnd_Alias LABADMIN = /bin/bash, /bin/su, /bin

And run any command:

canar@linuxbox$ sudo -i -u duck 'id'

But basically, this is a huge security hole since canar can run whatever he wants as anyone (including root)
I want to restrict canar user to be able to login as duck user (or as anyone from a given group) without providing root access

want to restrict canar user to be able to run an identified command as duck user (or as anyone from a given group) without providing root access

Any help would be welcome!
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Old 04-06-2012
Change that (all) to (username)

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