remove empty field

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remove empty field

Hi all !

I'm sure it is a basic question but I didn't find any threads that fit my need.

How to remove empty fields with awk?
Or in other words, how to shift all the fields after an empty field on the left?



I tried:
awk '{for(i=1; i<=NF; i++) if($i ~//) $i=$(i+1)}' input

and obtained,

I think the problem is I need to know the position of the empty field first, and then apply the condition to the next fields !

Is it correct?
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try this

awk -F"|" '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++) {if($i != "") print $i"|";}}' input

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sed 's:||:|:g' input

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You would need to do something like this to shift the fields:
awk '{for(i=1; i<=NF; i++) if($i=="") for(j=i;j<=NF;j++)$j=$(j+1)}1' FS=\| OFS=\| infile


But that still leaves two empty fields at the back..
So you would need to do something like this to remove those empty fields at the back.
awk '{for(i=1; i<=NF; i++) if($i=="") for(j=i;j<=NF;j++)$j=$(j+1);NF-=2}1' FS=\| OFS=\| infile


If you don't know how many field need to be shifted, you would need to calculate the number of empty fields...

But a more straightforward approach would be to just delete field separators:
awk '{gsub(/^\||\|$/,x);gsub(/\|\|/,"|")}1' infile


Or if you do not need to use awk:
sed 's/^|//;s/|$//;s/||/|/g' infile

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Thanks guys !

sed 's:||:|:g' input
Works, but need awk.

Thanks for the complete reply. It works perfectly with both awk and sed !

Just a question: what the "x" in the first gsub stand for?
Is it a variable?
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Yes x is a variable, and since it has not been initialized, it contains the value ""
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Ok, I get it !

Thanks !

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Another question which is linked to this thread (I will also post that in a different thread maybe) !

How do you insert the previous command to remove empty fields,
awk '{gsub(/^\||\|$/,x);gsub(/\|\|/,"|")}1' infile

into a script where I need to specify FS and OFS?

let's say my script look like:
#!/usr/bin/gawk -f


   <do my stuff 1>

# need to remove empty fields at this stage

    awk '{gsub(/^\||\|$/,x);gsub(/\|\|/,"|")}1' infile

# need to keep going with FS=OFS="|"

   <do my stuff 2>

I mean, if I don't "cancel" the "BEGIN{FS=OFS="|"} at the beginning, the command to remove field separators will not work !

How can I "suspend" the BEGIN{FS=OFS="|"}, jus the time to execute the command for removing FS ?

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