"Sliding window" with variables

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"Sliding window" with variables

I'm doing a little work that involves computing the average completion time of the last 5 of many file decompressions. It's not too tough, but I'm wondering if maybe there's a better way to write it. This is a bash script; here's the current idea:


So, that works, but is there a better way? Suppose I wanted to expand that to a window of 50 or 100? Many thanks in advance.
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Using arrays would be one way:

#!/usr/bin/env ksh
# add a value to the array
function add_value
    typeset i=0

    i=${#values[@]}             # current length
    if (( $i >= $nvalues ))     # cap at nvalues
        i=$(( $nvalues - 1 ))
    for (( ; i > 0; i-- ))          # shift values up in the array

    values[0]=$1            # add the new value

# compute the mean
function mean
    typeset i=0
    typeset sum=0

    if (( ${#values[@]} < 1 ))   # prevent divide by zero accidents
        echo 0

    for (( i = 0; i < ${#values[@]}; i++ ))
        sum=$(( ${values[$i]} + sum ))

    echo $(( sum / ${#values[@]} ))

nvalues=5               # max number of values to maintain

add_value 25            # add values to the list
add_value 2
add_value 23
mean                    # compute mean at any time if needed
add_value 42   
add_value 43
add_value 44

mean                    # compute mean

Should work in either bash or Kshell.
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Nice! Thanks for the help, and the direction on what to learn next.

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