LINUX SORT command chops results

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LINUX SORT command chops results

I am trying to sort a file . The file looks like this:
DDFF 2 /ztpfrepos/pgr/load
DDFQ 2 /ztpfrepos/pgr/load
DDFX 2 /ztpfrepos/pgr/load
DDUA 2 /ztpfrepos/pgr/load

My command:
sort -k1 /home/c153507/Bin/OPL1.txt -o /home/c153507/Bin/OPL1.txt

The results are OK except for one line where the line is chopped in the middle:

EUXF 2 /ztpfrepos/pgr/load
EUXG 1 /ztpfrep
EUXG 2 /ztpfrepos/pgr/load

Can anyone think of a reason / fix ?

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Is this a Windows text file? It will be full of pointless carriage returns which will look odd when displayed in a terminal.
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Also: It is seldom a good idea to write to the same file you're reading from. Try writing to a different file.
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Corona means:

vi /home/c153507/Bin/OPL1.txt

To get out of vi:
Press the : key then q! followed by the [return] key.

If it is a windows file:
You will see ^M at the end of the lines. Those are windows text file carriage returns. They may mess up unix utilities like sort. Use dos2unix (may be called dos2ux on your box):

dos2unix /home/c153507/Bin/OPL1.txt > tmp.tmp
mv tmp.tmp /home/c153507/Bin/OPL1.txt

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It worked.


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