Help with saving file in desired format

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Question Help with saving file in desired format


I have the following file in the unix named emp.


I need to save first 3 columns(ID, NAME, SAL) in another file with .txt format.I have used cut command as follows.

cut -d ","  | -f 1,2,3 emp > employee.txt

this command worked in cutting first three columns but the problem is the fields are coming in a straight line in "employee.txt" as follows

101,aaa,2000,10 102,bbb,3000,20 103,ccc,4000,30 104,ddd, 5000,40105,aaa,2000,50 106,bbb,3000,60

but i want the fields to be arranged like it was arranged in unix file like a table.

Plz help me in this regard.

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Is that an extra pipe symbol, or a missing command?
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Try without the extra pipe character.
cut -d "," -f 1,2,3 emp > employee.txt

If that doesn't work, please post this diagnostic output so we can see the format of the input file:
sed -n l emp


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