awk gsub(): general regex

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awk gsub(): general regex


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Try regular sub (gsub not necessary) with /[^0-9]*$/ and replace with "."
**edit** this is incorrect, since string to delete may also contain numbers

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awk '{print gensub (/(.+[0-9]+[^0-9]+[0-9]+).*\./,"\\1.","g")}'

sed  's/\(.\+[0-9]\+[^0-9]\+[0-9]\+\).*\./\1./g'

(GNU awk/sed)

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awk '{$3=$3"."}NF=3'

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Well, they worked on your original example Smilie.

Carlo@CRM-MT4 ~
$ echo "AAAA 1 2 f45 iop 234-RT.; AAAA 123 456 gf kuygb 2iuygb.; AAAA 678 89 wer4k lh8." |
> awk  '{print gensub (/([[:alnum:]]+[[:blank:]]+[[:digit:]]+[[:blank:]]+[[:digit:]]+)[^.;]*/,"\\1","g")}'
AAAA 1 2.; AAAA 123 456.; AAAA 678 89.

Carlo@CRM-MT4 ~
$ echo "AAAA 1 2 f45 iop 234-RT.; AAAA 123 456 gf kuygb 2iuygb.; AAAA 678 89 wer4k lh8." |
>  sed  's/\([[:alnum:]]\+[[:blank:]]\+[[:digit:]]\+[[:blank:]]\+[[:digit:]]\+\)[^.;]*/\1/g'
AAAA 1 2.; AAAA 123 456.; AAAA 678 89.

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