Can't open VirtualBox from Tera Term X11 error

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# 8  
# echo $DISPLAY

# 9  
VirtualBox won't even try to use the forwarded port if DISPLAY isn't set. It ought to be setting DISPLAY for you if X11 forwarding is set, but the remote server can sometimes just not do that part of it.

It may be you need to forward the port manually, if the remote side is blocking X11 forwarding.

Once you get the correct port forwarded to the remote side, do

DISPLAY="localhost:portnumber" ./VirtualBox

# 10  
# DISPLAY="localhost:portnumber" ./VirtualBox
Failed to open the X11 display!

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# 11  
I don't literally mean 'portnumber'. Substitute the appropriate number for it. localhost is correct however
# 12  
# DISPLAY="localhost:0.0" ./VirtualBox

Now I just have a flashing cursor it didnt give me a # for the next line

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# set DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
# export DISPLAY
# cd /usr/bin
# pwd
# firefox
Error: no display specified
# 13  
Don't use 'set'. You had it right the first time, just DISPLAY=".." whatever

Where did you get 0.0? That would be the solaris server's own X11 server -- not yours.
# 14  
# set DISPLAY=localhost:23

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