"Universal" sar option to check for paging issues?

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"Universal" sar option to check for paging issues?


Can anyone please advise a universal command option for using sar to check for paging/memory issues.

For Linux, I used sar -B and check on the majflt/s column and a high number is supposed to indicate paging issues, is that correct?

Unfortunately, on a Solaris server, sar -B does not work. From Googling, it says use sar -g on Solaris.

SunOS prod001 5.9 Generic_122300-52 sun4u    03/29/2012

00:00:00  pgout/s ppgout/s pgfree/s pgscan/s %ufs_ipf
01:00:00     0.10     0.10     0.10     0.00     0.00
02:00:00     0.08     0.09     0.09     0.00     0.00
03:00:00     0.11     0.12     0.10     0.00     0.00
04:00:01     0.12     0.14     0.13     0.00     0.00
05:00:00     0.08     0.09     0.09     0.00     0.00
06:00:01     0.11     0.15     0.14     0.00     0.00
07:00:00     0.16     0.20     0.18     0.00     0.00
08:00:00     0.19     0.24     0.20     0.00     0.00
08:20:00     0.21     0.25     0.21     0.00     0.00
08:40:00     0.20     0.24     0.19     0.00     0.00
09:00:00     0.21     0.25     0.19     0.00     0.00
09:20:00     0.22     0.27     0.22     0.00     0.00
09:40:01     0.19     0.21     0.18     0.00     0.00
10:00:00     0.18     0.19     0.16     0.00     0.00
10:20:00     0.20     0.23     0.19     0.00     0.00
10:40:00     0.17     0.18     0.15     0.00     0.00
11:00:00     0.21     0.22     0.17     0.00     0.00
11:20:00     0.21     0.24     0.19     0.00     0.00
11:40:00     0.18     0.19     0.15     0.00     0.00
12:00:00     0.19     0.20     0.16     0.00     0.00
12:20:00     0.16     0.18     0.15     0.00     0.00
12:40:01     0.18     0.19     0.16     0.00     0.00
13:00:00     0.18     0.19     0.15     0.00     0.00
13:20:00     0.19     0.19     0.15     0.00     0.00

But I don't understand what exactly am I supposed to be looking for to check for paging to determine whether I am having memory issues or not?

Anyone know of a link that has some detailed explanation of how to check whether the system is swapping and hence I need more memory?

Is there a sar -g equivalent in Linux or a sar -B equivalent in Solaris?Smilie

Thanks in advance.
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I don't have Solaris at hand, but from the manuals it seems you might want to use vmstat -S and check the pi and po columns. I didn't check it for sar, but the output of sar you posted, doesn't show how much memory have been swapped/paged. Though I guess you got the idea.
There isn't that often a switch for many tools that works on every distro or derivate of Unix/Linux.
A good practice might be to check the type of OS 1st and then decide which tool and switch/option to use.

Here is a link to the documentation I checked:
Displaying Virtual Memory Statistics (vmstat) - System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

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