tar unable to use command

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tar unable to use command

Hello all... i am unable to use tar commands on my intel machine in solaris 10 by tying this "tar cvf /dev/rmt/mydata.tar/mydata" and created mydata directory, msg is "No:Missing Files" Please advise
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tar cvf /dev/rmt/mydata.tar/mydata
You need to place a space:
tar cvf /dev/rmt/mydata.tar /mydata

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thanks.. but now iam unable to use gzip option with tar

tar cvfz/dev/rmt/mydata.tar.gz /mydata
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you need the GNU version of tar or do it in two steps. man tar
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You need to place another space.

tar cvfz /dev/rmt/mydata.tar.gz /mydata

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thank you.. i will be back tomorrow with another question.. thanks again

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