SFTP transfer does not complete

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SFTP transfer does not complete

I am able to connect to a site and start a file transfer via SFTP, but when the file reaches "100%" -- the file does not complete and "stop". The 100% transfer status does not change (obviously), but the timer for SFTP keeps going and will not complete. This also happens when I try to get a file.

Any ideas on what might be happening? I can connect to the site, but I cannot ping the address.

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There is nothing in your post which would give a clue.

Suggest you contact the site administrators for advice, and don't forget to tell them what software you are running and some detail about your network connection and any firewalls.

Ps. Most public sites disable UTP to stop the "ping of death" denial of service attack.
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When the connection is slow I've known sftp to sit around for a long time waiting for the buffered data to trickle in.

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