help Please/ tunneling ? servers ? i don't know

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help Please/ tunneling ? servers ? i don't know

I have googled a bit but i think I don't know if I am even looking in the right places.

The following I want to achieve and I don't even know if it is possible.

If I write a web application I can view in my web-browser (on the localhost). But eventually if I want to upload it to a server (website).
The application that I wrote on my computer uses installed softwares on this computer (Example python version 2.6, etc etc) however on the website that I wise to upload doesn't support (Example python version 2.6 and many others).

How can i run the application on the website but the application calls the python and other softwares from my personal computer.

You know what I mean ? Please let me know if the question is unclear.
Thanks in advance
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Short answer:
You will have to create a local directory on box with ALL dependencies in it. All of python, etc.

You will have to use the SMB protocol (shares) if your PC is windows, otherwise a simple NFS export to export the directory. Mount the directory using nfs on the remote server. Modify your web code to use the LD_PRELOAD environment variable, and have it point to the nfs mounted directory.

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