Compress 1st 20 Large different File using tar

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Compress 1st 20 Large different File using tar

Sorry guys.. dont know where to put this..

currently I am cleaning up system dump on our aix machine
and I wanted to set zero the 1st 20 large file but before doing
that I wanted to create some backup.

is there any command that can compress all these file same time?
tar syntax file?

server1$sudo du - am ./* | sort -nr | head -20
8200 ./sddsrv_bak.log
7688 ./sdd_bak.log
6048 ./sddsrv.log
3152 ./sdd.log
2048 ./cfglog
1832 ./devinst.log
1104 ./errlog
752 ./errtmplt
392 ./
256 ./nimlog
256 ./bootlog
216 ./nim.installp
176 ./diag_log.bck_sav
128 ./dumpsymplog
104 ./lvmcfg.log
72 ./emgr.log
64 ./conslog
40 ./vgbackuplog
40 ./
32 ./bosinstlog
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Try this. Untested:

sudo du - am ./* | sort -nr | head -20 | awk '{print $2}' | xargs tar -cvf archive.tar

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thanks are the man Smilie

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