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Code commenting Problems in shell scripting

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Old 03-25-2012
Code commenting Problems in shell scripting

Hi Friends,
I Want to comment one line of code from below code.

DBA_ORACLE_USER=` -u -a User`
DBA_ORACLE_PWORD=` -p -a User`

sqlplus /nolog <<-END > ${logfile} 2>&1



I have commented as shown below.

DBA_ORACLE_USER=` -u -a User`
DBA_ORACLE_PWORD=` -p -a User`
#Commented  start By Sri
#sqlplus /nolog <<-END > ${logfile} 2>&1
#Comment end by Sri
sqlplus /nolog <<-END >> ${logfile} 2>&1

Script is working fine. But it's logging below error in log file.

SP2-0734 : unknown command begning " Added by...." rest of lines ignored


I thought , this problem might be unix comments inside oracle code.
Pls suggest on this.

Thanks in advance.
please use code tags

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Old 03-25-2012
" Added by...."
The string does not appear in the code posted. Is it in abc.sql or more likely ?
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Old 03-26-2012
Hi Methyl,
This is inside shell script , the name of the script is
Inside this script iam calling abc.sql file.So, here my intention is , to escape from the logging error in log file.Here script is working fine and it's generating report also.
And i tried with below option also.

--commented start by Sri
--sqlplus /nolog <<-END > ${logfile} 2>&1
sqlplus /nolog <<-END >> ${logfile} 2>&1
--commented end by Sri

Thanks in advance.

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Old 03-26-2012
Comment lines in unix Shell script start with a hash character.
# comment
mycommand myparameters      # comment

Comment lines in Oracle SQL start with any of an assortment of alternatives:

-- comment

REM comment

/* comment */

     lines of 

The Oracle error SP2-0734 : unknown command begning usually means that you have a comment line without any of the special comment markers.

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