login profile[solved]

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login profile[solved]

i vi .profile Set DATE `date +%m%d%Y%H%M`, but after logout/login, echo $DATE, it shows: Fri Mar 23 15:01:53 EDT 2012, i want to show: 032320121501

please ignore.

vi /etc/profile, and export DATE=`date +%m%d%Y%H%M`, worked fine now.

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profile(4)							   File Formats 							profile(4)

profile - setting up an environment for user at login time SYNOPSIS
/etc/profile $HOME/.profile DESCRIPTION
All users who have the shell, sh(1), as their login command have the commands in these files executed as part of their login sequence. /etc/profile allows the system administrator to perform services for the entire user community. Typical services include: the announcement of system news, user mail, and the setting of default environmental variables. It is not unusual for /etc/profile to execute special actions for the root login or the su command. The file $HOME/.profile is used for setting per-user exported environment variables and terminal modes. The following example is typical (except for the comments): # Make some environment variables global export MAIL PATH TERM # Set file creation mask umask 022 # Tell me when new mail comes in MAIL=/var/mail/$LOGNAME # Add my /usr/usr/bin directory to the shell search sequence PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin # Set terminal type TERM=${L0:-u/n/k/n/o/w/n} # gnar.invalid while : do if [ -f ${TERMINFO:-/usr/share/lib/terminfo}/?/$TERM ] then break elif [ -f /usr/share/lib/terminfo/?/$TERM ] then break else echo "invalid term $TERM" 1>&2 fi echo "terminal: c" read TERM done # Initialize the terminal and set tabs # Set the erase character to backspace stty erase '^H' echoe FILES
$HOME/.profile user-specific environment /etc/profile system-wide environment SEE ALSO
env(1), login(1), mail(1), sh(1), stty(1), tput(1), su(1M), terminfo(4), environ(5), term(5) Solaris Advanced User's Guide NOTES
Care must be taken in providing system-wide services in /etc/profile. Personal .profile files are better for serving all but the most global needs. SunOS 5.11 20 Dec 1992 profile(4)

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