awk unable to compare the shell variable

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awk unable to compare the shell variable


Could anyone please help with Awk.

The below code prints the PID of the matching process with condition with $8 and $9
ps -ef |awk '($8~/proc/) && ($9~/rPROC2/) {print $2}'

Now i want to change the Constant PROC2 from Shell variable
PROC2 is already declared in shell variable SRVNAME

ps -ef |awk -v var=/r$SRVNAME/ '($8~/proc/) && ($9~$var) {print $2}

This is not displaying anything i have tried $var with var, ($(var)) ..etc but no use

any help is much appreciated

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Try this,

ps -ef |awk -v var="r$SRVNAME" '($8~/proc/) && ($9~var) {print $2}

we wont use $ Prefix for variable in awk unless thats a system variable(like $0,$1).

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Thanks Ranga

its not working ..
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try to cuddle your args with curly brackets: "r${SRVNAME}", for example.

Especially in string context, the shell won't see them without the curly brackets...if they're adjacent to other strings such as you have above...

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Thanks curleb

no use.. not working Smilie
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is $SVRNAME actually defined? What output ARE you getting?
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SVRNAME is the shell environment variable

ps -ef |awk -v var='/r${SRVNAME}/' '($8~/proc/ && $9~var) {print $2}'

ps -ef |awk -v var='/r${SRVNAME}/' '{print var}($8~/proc/ && $9~var) {print $2}'
the above code is displaying the value of SRVNAME .. i think the condition $9~var is not able to compute....
if i replace var with the value of SRVNAME then its working fine


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