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Old 03-21-2012
count different characters from one column

Hi everyone, and thanks after all

I'm a biologist and i have to extract information from one text. The text is something like this

1023    A    A    56    0    cc...,,,,,,c..CC..,,
1024    T    T    86    0    ..,,,..aaAA..,,aAA,,a,,A,,a
1025    G    G    125    0    ..,,,,..,,.ttt,,.,.,.TTttT.,.

The thing that I need is to print de column 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.But in the sixth column I want to extract de information of different characters that are there. I want to print the the number of c or C and g or G and t or T and a or A of each line.
The thing that I use is just

gawk '{print $1,$2,$3,$4,$6, "\a"length($6)}' text

I need this and also the count of each.

If anyone could help me..


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Old 03-21-2012
Post desired output for this sample data.
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Old 03-21-2012
$ cat data

1023 A A 56 0 ccggCcccCC
1024 T T 86 0 aaAAaAAaAa
1025 G G 125 0 tttTTttT

$ awk '{
        $5=$6;         # Set field 5 to the contents of field 6
        $6=length($5); # Set field 6 to the length of field 5
        NF=6; # Chop off everything after field 6

        # Count the different characters
        for(N=1; N<=length($5); N++) C[substr($5,N,1)]++;
        # Add each different character as a new column, and clear
        # all values in C
        for(X in C) { $(NF+1)=X"="C[X]; delete C[X] }
        print # Print every line
}' data

1023 A A 56 ccggCcccCC 10 C=3 c=5 g=2
1024 T T 86 aaAAaAAaAa 10 A=5 a=5
1025 G G 125 tttTTttT 8 T=3 t=5


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Old 03-22-2012

But I don't know how I have to use it... I'm new on this.. I have to copy all the script on a txt-editor and save it as .gawk? and then how I call it?
If it is very simple, can you recommend me any web or book?

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Old 03-22-2012
execute the below command in your console ( removed all the comments )

awk '{$5=$6;$6=length($5);NF=6;for(N=1; N<=length($5); N++) C[substr($5,N,1)]++;for(X in C) { $(NF+1)=X"="C[X]; delete C[X] }print}' input.txt

input.txt is your input file
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Old 03-22-2012
awk 'BEGIN{split("[Aa] [gG] [tT] [cC]",S)}{for(i in S){n=gsub(S[i],x,$6); s=s (s?",":x) S[i]"="n}NF-=1; $5=s; s=x}1' infile

1023 A A 56 [gG]=2,[tT]=0,[cC]=8,[Aa]=0
1024 T T 86 [gG]=0,[tT]=0,[cC]=0,[Aa]=10
1025 G G 125 [gG]=0,[tT]=8,[cC]=0,[Aa]=0

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