Breaking a fasta formatted file into multiple files containing each gene separately

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Breaking a fasta formatted file into multiple files containing each gene separately


I've been trying to break a massive fasta formatted file into files containing each gene separately. Could anyone help me? I've tried to use the following code but i've recieved errors every time:
for i in *.rtf.out
awk '/^>/{f=++d".fasta"} {print > $i.out}' $i 

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".out" is not in quotes, which causes an error.

You cannot use shell variables inside awk in that manner, which causes malfunctions. $i for instance would be, if i=1, field one, not a shell variable. You don't need the shell variable in the first place fortunately, awk can handle multiple files by itself.

This will create files 0001.out, 0002.out, etc, etc.

awk 'BEGIN { F=0 }; /^>/ { F++ }; { print > sprintf("%04d", F) ".out" }' *.rtf.out

The name of the file currently being processed is available as the special varaible FILENAME, if you want to base the output filename on it.

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