Common UID's and PID's

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Common UID's and PID's

Hey Folks,

I'm a newbie to Unix. Sorry if this doubt sounds very silly. I know that first 100 UID's are used by system accounts and the rest, for normal users. It'd be great if someone could guide me to a link where i can browse through the list of 100 system managed accounts with their UID's. Also, if there is any, a list of most common processes running on a UNIX system with their PID's.

By the way, i use Solaris 10 if that really matters.

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The reserved UID numbers vary from one UNIX/Linux system to another.

Here's a list of system users with their UIDs on Solaris:

To get a list of processes running with any of these UIDs, try something like this:
ps -elf | grep daemon

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Thank you so much! Smilie

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