Copy value and append value to a list

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Copy value and append value to a list

Hi, sorry if this has been asked before but I couldnt find it.
Essentially I am trying to find a value next to an xml tag say abcd 12345678

the number 1-8 is the number i need to copy to a file of order numbers in my home directory ~/tn/ordernumbers.txt

say for example there are 3 or more orders numbers in the file and i just want the order number appending to a list in another file?

<abcd> 12223345
<abcd> 13245680
<abcd> 12345675

hope this makes sense.


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I can write code that matches that but it won't match your actual records. Please post your actual records, obscured if necessary, so people can write code that actually works for you instead of code which doesn't...

I assume orders already in the file are supposed to be ignored?
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Hi in the xml file there is <VBELN>0080550881</VBELN>
along with alot of other fields each file has about eight of these so I just want to copy the 0080550881 to another file ~/tn/orderlist.txt
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If that's what your XML really looks like:

awk -v RS="<" -F'>' '/^VBELN/ { print $2 }' filename >> outputfile


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