Usage of find command

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Usage of find command

I need to find a file that has been modified in last 3-4 hours. mtime tells us about file modified in n days. Is there any way I can check for hours or minutes file modified or created before.
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There are probably others on this forum who can answer this question directly better than me. However, this also might be useful to you.

If you knew 3-4 hours ago that you needed to do this then you could have created a timestamp file then eg. "date > /timestamp". If you had done that then you could
"find . -newer /timestamp -print" to tell you the files modified since then.
That is easy. Let's see what other say about retrospective finds.
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Thanks for quick response. But I am woking on Live server where files are created evry second . So I need to retreive files created/Modified in last 3-4 hours.
I am using below command
find . -name "*_xyz" -prune -mtime <3-4hours> | wc -l
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You can use the -t option of the touch command to modify a files modification time. So create a dummy file and modify its modification time, then use find like hicksd8 showed.

Btw, did you search the forums before posting? I recall there were some similar threads in the past...
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Use -mmin switch of find.
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