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Creating a loop to go through grep output

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Old 03-02-2012
Creating a loop to go through grep output

I'm doing this script in my Unix class and I've come to a roadblock. The purpose of this script is to search users directories for files that contain bad words i.e kill murder bomb etc., and then be able to ignore legitimate files with each use.
I got the searching and ignoring part down but now I need to put the info into the format my teacher wants, currently my output reads like this:
/home/badboy/bad: I want to kill him
/home/goodboy/good: I could kill for a pot pie

I however need it to look something like this
Username: badboy, Line with bad word found: I want to kill him, and Path and file name: /home/badboy/bad

The part I'm stuck on is creating a loop to go through each line of the grep output and cutting out want I want into variables to place in the proper format.
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Old 03-02-2012
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