Help required with move command

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Help required with move command

Hi I need to move the first file in a folder to an another folder but am facing issues with the below cmd. CAN someone correct me

Ex :

Folder :data/cat/tst

output req:



Command Used :
ls -lt ad*|head -1|mv/data/cat/man

but this does not work Can someone help me with this ?

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ls -1t ad* | head -1 | xargs -I {} mv {} /data/cat/man

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Is this a kinda of a OS dependent command bcos it just doesnot seems to be working right

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Its working but y have we used "1t" can u please help me undersant it balaji
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man ls
       -l     use a long listing format
       -1     list one file per line

You would understand it better if try these two options individually: ls -1t and ls -lt

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