Awk: print all URL addresses between iframe tags without repeating an already printed URL

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Yes, thank you. Appears cleaner now, although I prefer to use sort -u instead of the if.

For now I use the following:

find . -name '*.html' -or -name '*.htm' -or -name '*.php' -type f| xargs awk -F\" -v RS='<' '/^iframe src=/ {print $2}' | sort -u

My next goal in this case would actually be to strip everything else but the hostname.

Meaning whatever is between "http://" and "/".

For example, here is a sample output I have now:


I would like the output to be just:


I will then consolidate this command with another one in a script in order to implement an easy way to list all unique Iframes in the user's web space and selectively remove those of unknown source (hacked).

I am starting to understand the concept of awk and sed, but there is just so much more to learn...

Thank you for your great help. I really appreciate all the effort!
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Come to think of it.... If you find enough files, as in thousands, you probably would need to use the sort -u anyway.

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You can tack this on before the sort -u to remove http:// before and /.* after:
... | sed 's#http://##;s#/.*##' | sort -u

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Yeah, thanks for that. Here is what I got going:

So I will be using

find . -name '*.html' -or -name '*.htm' -or -name '*.php' -type f| xargs awk -F\" -v RS='<' '/^iframe src=/ {print $2}'|sed 's#http://##;s#/.*##' | sort -u

to get addresses. Then I prompt the user for deletion on each entry (haven't figured that out), and process each (Yes) with the following:

find . -name "*php*" -or -name "*htm*" |xargs grep -rl "HOSTNAME" |xargs sed -i 's/[echo "]*<iframe src=[\\]*.http:\/\/HOSTNAME[^>]*>[\w]*<\/iframe>[";]*//g'

along with something like

    while [ -d /proc/$1 ]
        printf "$SP_COLOUR\e7  %${SP_WIDTH}s  \e8\e[0m" "$SP_STRING"
        sleep ${SP_DELAY:-.2}

## Adjust to taste (or leave empty)
SP_WIDTH=1.1  ## Try: SP_WIDTH=5.5

sleep 3 &
spinner "$!" '.o0Oo'

while each HOSTNAME is getting cleaned out. If the user selects to not remove some of the found domains, the script skips to the next domain until there are no domains left.

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Oh, I get it.

Why wait for sleep though? Why not wait for the thing you want to wait for?
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the purpose of sleep 3 & is examplatory

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