behaviour of awk

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behaviour of awk

Can someone explain how the below awk simulates cat?
pandeeswaran@ubuntu:~$ awk '1' file
PSAPSR3 3722000 91989.25 2 98
PSAPSR7 1562000 77000.1875 5 95
PSAPUNDO 92000 4087.5625 4 96
pandeeswaran@ubuntu:~$ awk '2' file
PSAPSR3 3722000 91989.25 2 98
PSAPSR7 1562000 77000.1875 5 95
PSAPUNDO 92000 4087.5625 4 96
pandeeswaran@ubuntu:~$ awk '0' file
pandeeswaran@ubuntu:~$ awk '3' file
PSAPSR3 3722000 91989.25 2 98
PSAPSR7 1562000 77000.1875 5 95
PSAPUNDO 92000 4087.5625 4 96

So, any non zero value covered by '' will give the result similar to cat?
How it works?
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Refer to the awk man page:

       A pattern-action statement has the form

              pattern { action }

       A missing { action } means print the line; a missing pattern always matches.  Pattern-action  statements
       are separated by newlines or semicolons.

"1" is the pattern which evaluates to true. As no "action" is specified, the line is printed.

It's equivalent to:
1 == 1 { print }

1 { print }

or just
{ print }

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Thanks scott..but i am curious why the below is not working?
awk '-1==-1' file

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That's an interesting question!

awk seems to treat the first - as an option. Using awk ' -1 == -1^ (see the space before the first -), or awk -- '-1 == -1^ gets around that.

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