Redirecting the multiple commands output to single file

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Old 02-24-2012
Redirecting the multiple commands output to single file

I am new to shell scripting and have a question. I would like to redirect the output of multple commands to single file, From what I read from the bash manpage and from some searching it seems it cannot be done within the shell except setting up a loop. Is it?

I am running all clearcase commands in shell script and every command should redirect the output to a single file
cleartool diffbl -act -ver label1 label2 >& data.txt
cleartool diffbl -baselines label1 label2 >& data.txt
cleartool diffbl -elements label1 label2 >& data.txt
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Old 02-24-2012
Will the commands all be running concurrently backgrounded?

You could use >> instead of > but if all the commands are running concurrently, the output from each command may be jumbled together with the output of the others. If the command execute sequentially, this won't be a problem.
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