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SCP error: No such file or directory

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Old 02-23-2012
[Solved] SCP error: No such file or directory


I am trying to do scp using the following script:


for line in `cat arch_host_plat_src_dest`
        src=`echo $line | cut -d: -f4`
        dest=`echo $line | cut -d: -f5`

    echo scp -p /builds/${BUILDDATE}/Integration/$src  root@$dest
        scp -p /builds/${BUILDDATE}/Integration/$src  root@$dest

I have a config file. The content of the file is given below:
-sh-2.05b$ cat arch_host_plat_src_dest

scp -p /builds/20120220/Integration/hpux-hppa/{,agent.xml} esm2@
/builds/20120220/Integration/hpux-hppa/{,agent.xml}: No such file or directory

However, the given files very much exist in the mentioned source location. Also, if the run the same command on the command line, it works without any issue.

-sh-2.05b$ scp -p /builds/20120220/Integration/hpux-hppa/{,agent.xml} esm2@ 100% 51MB 5.2MB/s 00:09
agent.xml 100% 242 305.7KB/s 00:00

I think, this portion in the config file must be the problem area: {,agent.xml}

I tried escaping, quoting in different ways that i could think of but couldn't get it working Smilie Smilie

Any help?


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I got the solution. It was behaving that way because the variable (src) was just reading the string from the config file. It wasn't expanding the content present within curly braces.

This did the trick:

sh -c "scp -p /builds/${BUILDDATE}/Integration/$src  root@$dest"

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Old 02-23-2012
Glad you found out by yourself...


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