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Need some help on setting up rsync



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Old 02-13-2012
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Need some help on setting up rsync

I need to "sync" a directory from a prod server to a test server. Rsync is working but it prompts for a password and I'd like to automate the process. The directory on the prod/source server is owned by root, and some subdirectories are only readable by root. On the test/destination servers, I can manipulate the permissions as necessary. So, I currently sudo on prod, run rsync from prod to myuserid@test, and enter my password. I tried to setup ssh keys but PermitRootLogin is set to "no" in sshd_config and I could not figure out how to setup the public keys so root (from prod) can connect as myuserid (on test). So my question is: how can I setup rsync to read the files from the source server as root, and sync to my test server as root (or a regular userid) without prompting for a password.
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Old 02-13-2012
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permitroot refers to logins, not the originating user.

How to auto rsync with ssh passwordless - Ubuntu Forums
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