perl filter unique and concatenate

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perl filter unique and concatenate

Hi experts,

I have some input like below,

TEST A function W
TEST A function X
TEST B function Y
TEST C function Z
TEST C function ZY

i would like to have below output,

TEST A function W&X
TEST B function Y
TEST C function Z&ZY

Please kindly help on this, i am cracking my head for this about two days now Smilie.. thanks so much.

Best regards,
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perl -alne 'push @{$h{$F[1]}},$F[3];END{$"="&";for $i (keys %h){print "TEST $i function @{$h{$i}}"}}' file

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$ nawk '{a[$1" "$2" "$3]=a[$1" "$2" "$3]"&"$4;next}END{for(i in a){print i,substr(a[i],2,length(a[i]))}}' input.txt
TEST C function Z&ZY
TEST B function Y
TEST A function W&X


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