Find last executed timestamp

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Find last executed timestamp

on our hp-ux box we have 100s of shell scripts in a bin folder.
Now i have to figure out which scripts are not being used at all.
The timestamp for these are the ones when they were promoted to this 'bin' folder.
Now, how can I find when was the last time each of these scripts were run?
I cannot update the scripts now (to write some log that i can capture to see when it was run) as these are production jobs.

-srinivas yelamanchili
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The last time a script was executed is the the time it was read.

If someone has gone not gone in there and done a cat on them or opened them another way, then the above statement is correct.

ls -lu

gives the last time of access (read)
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Thanks Jim,
unfortunately whenever a new script is promoted to this 'bin' folder, permissions are set for all files in the folder (by the utility that does the migration and we cannot change this process) and not just the new scripts.
So when i do the 'ls -lu' it shows the same timestamp for all files

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