"Smoothing" the data

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"Smoothing" the data


Is there a way to use awk to "smooth" a set of data? That is, doing what the "SMOOTH" function in IDL does (SMOOTH) ?

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Surely there's a way to do that with awk. awk doesn't have a single function for it of course, since it doesn't make much sense to do a boxcar average on a single line...

Let me see if I have the algorithm right. For these points:


for a boxcar average of width 3, would you want:

(1+5+2)/3, (5+2+6)/3, (2+6+3)/3, (6+3+7)/3, (3+7+4)/3, (7+4+8)/3, (4+5+5)/3, (8+5+9)/3

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$ cat data

$ cat smooth.awk


{       DATA[(++N)%WIDTH]=$1    }

(N>=WIDTH) {
        for(X=(N+1); X<=(N+WIDTH); X++)

        print V/WIDTH;

$ awk -f smooth.awk data


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Originally Posted by Corona688
Surely there's a way to do that with awk.
$ cat smooth.awk


{ DATA[(++N)%WIDTH]=$1 }

(N>=WIDTH) {
for(X=(N+1); X<=(N+WIDTH); X++)

print V/WIDTH;
Thanks for your help Smilie
I am trying to apply this idea to "degrade" the output of a model resolution.

For the sample:

$ vi model.dat

3002.000 1.2874e+32
3002.300 1.2898e+32
3002.600 1.2966e+32
3002.900 1.3000e+32
3003.200 1.2997e+32
3003.500 1.2961e+32
3003.800 1.2926e+32
3004.100 1.2909e+32
3004.400 1.2904e+32
3004.700 1.2923e+32
3005.000 1.2970e+32
3005.300 1.3027e+32
3005.600 1.3043e+32
3005.900 1.3028e+32
3006.200 1.2977e+32
3006.500 1.2894e+32
3006.800 1.2802e+32
3007.100 1.2738e+32
3007.400 1.2717e+32
3007.700 1.2728e+32
3008.000 1.2778e+32

I want to "somehow" degrade the resolution of the first column from 0.3 to 3 for the corresponding numbers in the second column something like this:

3002.000 ???
3005.000 ???
3008.000 ???

Where the "???" are the numbers I am trying to obtain using the awk script that you suggested but I am not able to get the results Smilie. Any suggestions?
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Any thoughts on this... I am still not able to solve it SmilieSmilieSmilie
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It took you a week to get back to me. It can't be urgent enough for you to break the rules by bumping.

We're not on call, if nobody answers your post immediately, wait! Smilie

What is the ??? supposed to be? How would I arrive at it? In what way does the code I gave you "not work"? My last two posts were one big question, "do I have the right algorithm", and you never answered me. Smilie Smilie Smilie
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I am sorry I didn't mean to sound rude, the reason I took a week is that I was trying to figure it out myself first Smilie
It is not urgent but I just thought that if more details are needed for my question I can give more details..
I am sorry for that... the second post wasn't only for you, it was for anyone who might have an idea... I am really sorry Smilie
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Don't be sorry, just please answer my questions Smilie They'll help anyone else trying to help you too.

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