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Linux Internals Interview Questions

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Old 02-04-2012
Linux Internals Interview Questions

Can anyone list the interview questions on Linux Internals?
Any link for the same will also be helpful.
In a job requirement of say C, linux internals what is expected about linux internals?

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CPANPLUS::Internals(3pm)				 Perl Programmers Reference Guide				  CPANPLUS::Internals(3pm)

my $internals = CPANPLUS::Internals->_init( _conf => $conf ); my $backend = CPANPLUS::Internals->_retrieve_id( $ID ); DESCRIPTION
This module is the guts of CPANPLUS -- it inherits from all other modules in the CPANPLUS::Internals::* namespace, thus defying normal rules of OO programming -- but if you're reading this, you already know what's going on ;) Please read the "CPANPLUS::Backend" documentation for the normal API. ACCESSORS
_conf Get/set the configure object _id Get/set the id METHODS
$internals = CPANPLUS::Internals->_init( _conf => CONFIG_OBJ ) "_init" creates a new CPANPLUS::Internals object. You have to pass it a valid "CPANPLUS::Configure" object. Returns the object on success, or dies on failure. $bool = $internals->_flush( list => @caches ) Flushes the designated caches from the "CPANPLUS" object. Returns true on success, false if one or more caches could not be be flushed. $bool = $internals->_register_callback( name => CALLBACK_NAME, code => CODEREF ); Registers a callback for later use by the internal libraries. Here is a list of the currently used callbacks: install_prerequisite Is called when the user wants to be "asked" about what to do with prerequisites. Should return a boolean indicating true to install the prerequisite and false to skip it. send_test_report Is called when the user should be prompted if he wishes to send the test report. Should return a boolean indicating true to send the test report and false to skip it. munge_test_report Is called when the test report message has been composed, giving the user a chance to programatically alter it. Should return the (munged) message to be sent. edit_test_report Is called when the user should be prompted to edit test reports about to be sent out by Test::Reporter. Should return a boolean indicating true to edit the test report in an editor and false to skip it. proceed_on_test_failure Is called when 'make test' or 'Build test' fails. Should return a boolean indicating whether the install should continue even if the test failed. munge_dist_metafile Is called when the "CPANPLUS::Dist::*" metafile is created, like "control" for "CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb", giving the user a chance to programatically alter it. Should return the (munged) text to be written to the metafile. $bool = $internals->_add_to_includepath( directories => @dirs ) Adds a list of directories to the include path. This means they get added to @INC as well as $ENV{PERL5LIB}. Returns true on success, false on failure. $id = CPANPLUS::Internals->_last_id Return the id of the last object stored. $id = CPANPLUS::Internals->_store_id( $internals ) Store this object; return its id. $obj = CPANPLUS::Internals->_retrieve_id( $ID ) Retrieve an object based on its ID -- return false on error. CPANPLUS::Internals->_remove_id( $ID ) Remove the object marked by $ID from storage. @objs = CPANPLUS::Internals->_return_all_objects Return all stored objects. perl v5.12.1 2010-04-26 CPANPLUS::Internals(3pm)

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